Őr-FI Bt.Dear Visitors, welcome on my website!

My name is Peter „MANITOU” Tardi (manitou supervisor), the manager of a contractor and leasing company. I have set up this website in order to introduce a wide variety of services supporting films and commercials during shootings.

You have already met our projects, seen our machineries in several productions. I have tried to summarise my machinery park to demonstrate where and what for the qualified operators use them.

As for myself, I have more than ten years professional experience of operating Manitou machineries. I have a plenty of professional qualifications specialised in operating, servicing and maintaining them. Our company provides its services with owner-occupied ones. I have been always interested in multilateral machineries and spent a lot of time on broadening my knowledge in this theme and solving special challenges.

This is a responsible area of work, which needs complex thinking, creativity and a high degree of common situation awareness. In Hungary there is a shortage of qualified and experienced operators thus I often conduct training courses where they are kept facing real challenges. It is important to pay attention to details since they determine the outcome of a working day.



We place greater emphasis on the whole service, not only on the machinery.


„All machines and equipment worth as much as they can do and their operators are able to benefit from them.”

Peter Manitou


Satety first

We are aware of and apply the directives, which form an integral part of our work.


Our knowledge is kept up to date in order that each task can be fulfilled according to the expect of the film directors – in the safest circumstances. In reality, it means we should decide self-confidently and with a particular sense of responsibility what we can or need to do differently without any material and personal injuries.

Generally, there is some disagreement and clash of interest between the colleagues of the sections and the health and safety colleague during the work, but everybody’s goal is doing the job without any injuries. This phenomenon can be caused by not knowing the features of the machinery or fearing of the unknown. We try to represent a bridge between partners to give accurate knowledge on the spot, so all of the features of the machineries can be taken advantage of in safe.

We use machineries which are known detailed and type-specifically by us.

Our experience and practice cover every owner-occupied machinery and additional adaptor, which we work during shooting with.

We have modern and reliable plant. In case of breakdown or failure, we are able to maintain on the spot due to our technical, electronical and mechanical knowledge. That is way the film crew is not hindered for stopping for any length of time.

We can transfer our machineries to the locations and arrange the required licences.